netflix1.jpgSO, I had to comment on how absolutey amazing netflix is. It's not that expensive, yet you can watch any movie. Anything! I really do enjoy watching movies, and I feel like there a lot of  "oldies but goodies" that I still haven't seen yet. And the fact that I can just fill out a list, and have the next movie come to me whenever I'm done with the one before it? It's great! Especially at this time of the year when I'm going a bit crazy with all of the work that has to be turned in, it's nice to treat yourself to a good movie every once and a while.

A Capella

microphone.jpgSo tonight was the a capella concert here at Plymouth, featuring the girls and guys a capella groups here. I'm a member of the girls group, Mixed Emotions, and have been since December. I think that a capella is a great form of performance that all of us girls in the group don't usually get. We get to sing songs that we'd usually be singing along to on the radio, instead of operatic arias or musical theatre songs. It just reminds us how much fun we can really have performing for people.

Study Abroad

I have a friend that's In Australia now, studying abroad, and having gone to Ireland for my first semester, I think that it is something that every college student should be pushed to do. It's an absolutely amazing experience, that will change you. Really. I don't think that anything could have prepared me for the amount of fun I'd have in Ireland. And it was also great, because I went with other Plymouth students, and when I got to Plymouth, I had some really good friends, that I may not have met, had I not gone to Ireland. So, if it's something you're contemplating, I say do it!!

Virginia Tech

So, I'm sure that many people could put up blogs on Virginia Tech, and talk about what a travisity it was. I think it's absolutely dreadful, but my friend and I were talking about it tonight, and she was saying how she thinks it's too bad that the kid that did it killed himself, because she was saying that he should be put in jail, and made to live with what he had done. And then we realized that if he really didn't kill himself, and was put in jail, he would most likely get the death penalty. That then brought up my point on the death penalty. I think that so much more can be learned from people rather than killing them. I think that if they put the time into studying seriously deranged people on death row, rather than kill them, that maybe some of these horrid incidents could be avoided.


mondrian_gray_tree.jpgWith the way things are going on today in the world I belive that much attention needs to be brought to environmental issues. Simple things such as recycling should NOT be an option. I have gone over it in my head a couple of times, as well as disscused these issues with many environmentaly friendly people. And I have come to the conclusion that the average person needs to STOP being so lazy and do everything they can to contribute to saving the worlds' resources. The simplist things such as turning off your lights when your not in the room, not watching so much TV, Recycling, having a compost, using a re-useable bag when going grocery shopping, walking to places when you can, ect. All this and more are not life changing they are just ways of working towards not being lazy! I know this is just a small bit of what is wrong with the world today but it is easy steps that everyone can make. That could help so much.

BFA ART Students

I have a friend who is a BFA studio art major and I have recently found out that she is going to have to do another year because she didn't pass her semester review. This now putting her into five years of college as of now. Who knows if she is going to have to do more because of the way they have to go through portfolio reviews each year. If she doesn't make it in the next two semseters that could mean another 2 years of college. I think that this way of organizing the BFA students needs to be re-thought. Making it into the BFA program for four semseters then not making it in the second semseter of her Jr year is outrageous. And this has happend to more then just her. I belive after your second semsester the studends should be allowed to prepare for their senior thesis and not worry about getting into the progam anymore. They have proven themselves for four semsesters and I believe that is enough.

New York, New York

I absolutely love spending time in New York City. My sister and her husband live there, so I get to spend some time with them, and work the rest. But I think I really have a great deal, living with the woman that I babysit for, for free. I mean, I'm constantly working, but I find that fun.                                                                                                                                                        And I hate that a lot of people feel nyc.jpgscared of New York, because they find it impossible to do anything without spending a ton of money. But let me tell you, once you get comfortable, you can really find your way around well. The best, and by best, I mean strongest coffee, only has to cost you a dollar, and The Columbus Bakery has absolutely delicious bagels for 79 cents. And then for meals? Restaurants have wonderful deals for early, or late dinners, and then give you so much food, you have to remember before you order, that you should probably share it. What's sad though, is that pretty much all of the reasonably priced places are more uptown, in the less touristy areas. So, if you're in New York, and you need stuff, walk up. You'll still be getting  New York experience, just at a better price.

Spring Break

So, for Spring Break, I usually save a bunch of work to do, because I'm usually sitting at home. But this Spring Break, I got called by my summer boss in New York City, and ended up spending it there. Now, you want to talk about living a crazy life style? That would be one of the restaurant owner in New York. I work for a woman who owns a restaurant on the Upper West Side. I babysit for her seven year old son. Now, I'm sure it's fun running a restaurant, but she never gets any time at home. She's always running around, and I think in her son's entire life time, she's put him to bed maybe five times if that. It's always done by a babysitter. I think I just needed to comment that I think it's really sad when people become so obsessed with their work, they don't know how to really back down and devote some time to their family.

79th Academy Awards

So, The Academy Awards were on tv last night. These may                           not be the biggest deal to all, but I remember growing up, this being pretty much the only night when my parents never asked my sisters and I to go. It was just accepted that we could finish the awards show. The show always seemed to take a long time to get to the awards that people were  really interested in, like best actor or actress, or best movie. This year, I think that they really pushed the time limit though, having the show going past midnight.


Even with all this time spent  watching the Oscars, to finally find out who wins, when you could honestly just see it in the papers the next morning, I think what really takes up the most amount of time, is watching all the movies. Who actually gets to see all the movies before the years awards are given? I think that I did well this year by seeing three of the movies nominated for best picture. And the only way that I actually did that was starting Netflix just in time, so that Babel and the Departed were in my mailbox on Saturday afternoon. So, by next years' Oscars, I'll be able to state my decision on this years winners, but let me just say, that I am really happy that the two "upsets" won, like Alan Arkin for Best Supporting Actor in "Little Miss Sunshine," and "The Departed" for Best Picture.